Lice and What People Think

Lice are an absolute nightmare to any individual unfortunate enough to be infested by them. These tiny beasts can make your life very miserable. Compared to other tiny insects like mosquitoes, this breed of pests are more annoying since it’s quite hard to even prove their existence. Fortunately, the treatment and removal of lice has improved rapidly over the past few years meaning that we now possess more than enough options for getting rid of lice.

The typical lice removal and treatment techniques include;

– Drying out both the lice and the eggs.

– Combing them out of the infested person.

– Using special hair solutions or shampoos that kill the eggs and thus curb them from hatching and multiplying.

Treatment and removal of lice is recommended for all people and household pets that are diagnosed with an active infestation. Every potential carrier should be thoroughly checked for these pests since they easily move from the to another person.

When treating lice, one can use both recommended medicine and supplemental measures since the combination is known to give great results. Measures such as machine washing and soaking the infested pillow cases, clothing, bedding, hats, towels, and hats in hot water or exposing them in hot air cycles can help a great deal in eradicating lice because they are easily killed when exposed to high temperatures. Vacuuming the floor and furniture can also help in removing infested hairs or furs that might be carrying lice or the eggs.

Prescription or over the counter medication are also advocated for when fighting these pests. The lice medicine (pediculicide) should be strictly applied according to the laid down instructions for optimum results.

If these tiny beasts prove to be a nuisance in your household, you can also seek professional services that will see to it that your home is a lice free zone. Below is a list of companies that you can contact when you feel overwhelmed by this problem;

Lice Doctors

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Lice Troopers

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Lice Clinics of America

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Lice Busters ST. Louis


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